Our founders and first employees

Our Founders

ProDevelop was founded in 2004 by Dr Matthias Hohenstein and Claudia Hohenstein.

Dr Matthias Hohenstein founded ProDigital GmbH in 1992 after completing his studies in physics. Claudia Hohenstein joined ProDigital in 1996 and later assumed responsibility in the areas of finance, human resources, projects and order processing.


From about 1997 onwards, ProDigital profited from the preliminary work in the Internet sector. The breakthrough came in 1999, when various groups of companies were acquired as major customers in web projects.

In 2000, ProDigital GmbH was sold to an international company in the field of fastening technology. Claudia and Dr Matthias Hohenstein remained in the company until 2004 and worked on various projects in the areas of corporate finance, web solutions, inventory management systems, and vehicle diagnostic systems. In 2004, when the company reoriented its software, Claudia and Dr Matthias Hohenstein left the group and founded ProDevelop. Even today, there is a very good and extensive cooperation with the aforementioned group in various areas of software development.

After its foundation, Dr Matthias Hohenstein concentrated on the design of development tools in particular the PD-Frame®. With it, the first customer projects were successfully implemented in 2005. Claudia Hohenstein was responsible for setting up the administration department. Mrs Claudia Hohenstein passed away in 2012.

First Employees

In 2006, Ms Karin Schneele-Lengerer joined the administration department. As of 2012, Ms Schneele-Lengerer also assumed responsibility for several subdivisions of the administration

Heiko Wrobel (Dipl. Inf. FH) joined the company shortly after its foundation, in 2005, and was initially responsible for the data transfer for a chemical distributor, in the process of migrating an inventory management system.

This was followed by the first independent projects in various areas, such as inventory management systems for auto glass repair chains, as well as applications for connecting to an ERP system for a supplier in the automotive industry.

Subsequent projects included, for example, the development of an application to determine and administrate invoice data which were connected to automatic pay stations for bathroom facilities in shopping centres and railway stations via web service.

Mr Wrobel is currently developing and supervising projects for a manufacturer in the furnishing industry, as well as for two chemical distributors. He also works as a trainer.

In 2006 the current head of software development, Dario Schmidt (Dipl. Inf. FH), joined the company. He took over the training of IT specialists and implemented projects in various areas and industries, for example, a graphic and interactive display of machine halls and machine allocation plans was developed for a manufacturer of vehicle parts. His tasks also included the implementation of a claims settlement system in the field of auto glass.

Later he set up a calculation service for a customer system in the same field, using insurance-specific conditions (guidelines). In this context, he also developed the communication module „Mercury“ which allows an efficient connection of different systems to the application server PD-Frame® and which today, forms the basis of various service-based projects.

In addition to the overriding management tasks, Mr Schmidt and his team are now responsible for the ProKat® area, in particular.

Education and Training

ProDevelop trains. A large part of our employees has successfully completed their training in the field of "IT Application Development" and achieved a good and successful start in our projects.

Associate Partners

Thanks to Hohenstein Verwaltungs-GmbH ProDevelop today has an "anchor investor", who supports medium- and long-term goals and places short-term profit optimisation in the background.