With the catalogue system ProKat® we offer you an information system centred around the vehicle and the automotive sector.

We can combine information from the vehicle manufacturers (OE), the independent aftermarket or, for example, the German Federal Office for Motor Vehicles (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) and can therefore, offer you - from a single source - a comprehensive data basis for your business.

Parts Identification

One of the focal points of the ProKat® system is the exact identification of OE and aftermarket parts, based on an exact determination of the specific vehicle.

This includes vehicle variants, including e.g. engine, equipment features or manufacture date. This information can be obtained from the manufacturer through a query using the vehicle identification number (VIN) or determined through context-dependent queries.

Part Usage

The key to identifying a part is matching the parts to a vehicle. Here, the starting point to determine the vehicles in which this part can be used is the current part number, such as EAN, the manufacturer article number, or the OE part number.

A list of models and details about their variants, equipment features, and manufacturing date limits are offered.

Vehicle Information

As already mentioned, the ProKat system provides you with information on the vehicle variants, time of manufacture, and equipment features, such as a panoramic roof or a lane-departure warning system.

In addition, VIN queries can also be used to determine technical details, e.g. the size of the brake discs, as well as interior and exterior colours or upholstery materials, for example: in many cases, including the vehicle manufacturer's codes.

Based on the key numbers (HSN/TSN) of the German Federal Office for Motor Vehicles (KBA), assertions can be made regarding, for example, maximum speed, cubic capacity, dimensions, axle and support loads or emissions.


To determine the parts range or priorities, information on the vehicle coverage is helpful. Therefore, the official registration statistics in Germany are also part of the ProKat system.

This includes their development, i.e. changes in inventory and new registrations over the last 10 years, as well as regional differences at state levels or owner categories based on private/commercial use, gender, or age group.


The entire range of functions is provided as a service and therefore, can be integrated into existing and new software solutions, such as shop systems, ERP solutions or data maintenance tools.

With the application ProKat-Desktop it is possible to fully check the functionality before an integration.

But the ProKat-Desktop can also be used directly in productive operations, e.g. in order verification.

To familiarise you with the technical aspects of the service, we offer not only extensive documentation with the ProKat-Service-Frontend, but also an interactive option to view the service enquiries and the resulting answers.

Before its use, we will discuss the required data modules with you and together, we will initiate the licensing process with us and our data partners.

Services and Support

The heart and unique feature of the ProKat system is a database that combines various data sources and achieves a synergy effect from them.

This enables us to perform analyses both within the aftermarket and the automotive sector in general.

Our strength lies in our flexibility and adaptability. Contact us to discuss your specific needs in a personal meeting.