Read-in the vehicle registration document

Vehicle registration document

As the starting point for recording a customer’s vehicle, the vehicle registration document (registration certificate part I) is an ideal introduction.

This is where you can find for example, the vehicle identification number (VIN), the key codes of the German Federal Office for Motor Vehicles (manufacturer key code/Part key code) or the initial registration date.

For workshops or shops, it is thus reasonable to have the vehicle registration document shown to you or, ideally, scan it in or take a photo of it.

As the next thing to do is type the data into the vehicle or customer databases, we offer an alternative: Reading in the most important information via text recognition.

Read-in content

  • Vehicle license number
    As a reference and search criterion
  • VIN (incl. check digit)
    For identification of the vehicle via a query with the vehicle manufacturer
  • German Federal Office for Motor Vehicles key codes:
    Manufacturer key code/part key code
    For the official identification of the model incl. engine
  • First registration date
    To determine the age and thus, e.g. select the type of inspection
  • Date of the type approval
    To determine the age of a vehicle type

Simple to use

Besides the possibility of vehicle registration documents that are already on the PC, e.g. were scanned in, a mobile or a tablet is useful for taking photos of the vehicle registration document: More about this in the next section.  A third means is by sending the vehicle registration document by e-mail.

Using a mobile

How do photos and read-out data get from a mobile phone into the application and then allocated to the respective customer or vehicle?

  1. The photo option by mobile phone is displayed in the application e.g. of the workshop software.

    When selected, a QR code is displayed, which is scanned from the screen using a mobile phone.
  2. A website opens up on the mobile phone.
    (Alternatively, a link is displayed on the screen to open the website manually on your mobile phone.)

    There you will find an option to take a photo (or select one from the album). A TAN (transaction number as known from banking programmes), which was equally encrypted in the QR code, is also displayed (or entered manually).
    This facilitates the unique allocation in the application later on.

    Your own reference, e.g. customer number, is added as a search criterion.

    The upload begins upon confirmation.
  3. The vehicle registration document is read in by the ProKat service.

    The image of the vehicle registration document and the structured data are downloaded by the application and can be subsequently displayed and used.

Integration into your system

You can choose between an integration of the ProKat incl. the mechanisms mentioned above as well as the other features of ProKat, but alternatively, you can also merely use the read-in function. We offer a dedicated service for this purpose.

When using ProKat, the vehicle master data that already exists there, the so-called vehicle memory, can also be used. You can take a closer look at a variant of the integration in ProKat-Desktop.