CEO: Dr. Matthias Hohenstein

List of contacts:

Hanna Abou Hamra: General Management, Business Development, Sales

Heiko Wrobel: Head of Development: PD-Frame, ERP Systems

Peter Wörner, Tobias Hess: Head of Development: Automotive

Karin Schneele-Lengerer: Administration



  • ProDevelop is founded by Dr. Matthias Hohenstein and Claudia Hohenstein.

2004 - 2005

First projects:

  • Data migration from ERP systems for chemicals distributor
  • Development of custom ERP systems for car glass franchise
  • Development of applications to connect erp systems of automotive part suppliers
  • Development of solutions for managing billing information of payment machines for sanitary facilities in public places


  • Number of developers increase to match project demands

New projects

  • Development of a graphical display for machinery buildings and occupancy plans
  • Implementation of a system for car glass claims settlement

2007 – 2013

  • Development of dedicated daabases for vehicle and part data
  • Development of special algorithms for the analysis and optimization of automotive data.
  • Development of custom data solutions tailored to customer requirements in the automotive and chemical sector


  • Launch of ProKat Services API
    A comprehensive webservice interface that offers customers direct access to precise vehicle and part data, matching specific use cases.

2015 – today

  • Continuous expansion of systems for automotive data analysis and optimization.
  • Development of new data services for various use cases, e.g. a automatic repair calculation with accurate part identification for auto repair shops

Outlook 2023

  • Internationalization of data services for the European market.

The data and services from ProDevelop are used daily by numerous companies from industry and trade.

Associate Partners

Thanks to Hohenstein Verwaltungs-GmbH ProDevelop today has an "anchor investor", who supports medium- and long-term goals and places short-term profit optimisation in the background.