ProKat-Desktop enables you to easily view and check our scope of services. ProKat-Desktop can also be used, however, in operational business, for example, in a downstream order verification or as an information system.


ProKat-Desktop is a thin client; all data displayed originates from the ProKat service. Almost all logics, i.e. besides queries and investigations (for example regarding spare parts or oils), also processes, derivations or more complex filter and sorting functions are displayed in the service and can thus also be used in your system world with reduced effort.


ProKat-Desktop with vehicle choice

Our service frontend enables a more detailed technical inspection.

Operational business

Login window

In operational business, ProKat-Desktop can be used, for example, as an information system for staff in purchasing and sales, order processing or in customer support.

Assistance such as extensive filter possibilities for selecting vehicles, the securing of vehicle information in a storage system and also a history of the vehicles last used is offered for this. In addition, ProKat-Desktop contains export and print functions, for example, for vehicle details.

Order verification

Our module for order verification enables a downstream verification of orders or shopping baskets without changing your shop system. To do this, we can load the order data via a connection of an interface of your enterprise resource planning or shop system to ProKat-Desktop.

In a semi-automated process, you can verify whether the respective vehicle parts match the original vehicle or whether they cannot be assembled to it.

This way, an expert inspection can be set up efficiently, the return quota can be reduced and customer satisfaction increased.


ProKat Desktop is designed as a multi-user system and, thanks to its client/server architecture, it can easily be used in existing company structures.

Even scalability, i.e. an adaption to the size of the system, to the number of employees, is given.

When setting up a dedicated server for you, we can adapt the databases to your requirements, i.e. store your range, for example, to limit the parts and articles determined to it.