The client for software developers

Becoming familiar with a new service is not always easy despite having documentation.

For this reason, we offer the ProKat-Service-Frontend as a second client application the in addition to the ProKat-Desktop, to externalise and make transparent parameters & answer content as well as processes.

To this end, the frontend provides you with individual service methods, e.g. access to the vehicle manufacturer list or the allocation of the vehicle models to an engine code, but also more complex processes of several method requests such, in particular, parts identification.

By selecting the topic, you are questioned about the individual parameters, the enquiry is sent and the result is shown.

You can now view the specific parameters and results in an additional window. You can thus follow that your choice of deactivated vehicle manufacturers that you do not want to see leads to the flag alsoInactive = false or the limitation to car manufacturers is transported to the field vehicleSorts.