Identification of the correct vehicle spare parts

As one of the central functions, our data services ("ProServices") enable identification of original and aftermarket parts and the associated labor values.

The starting point is a precise identification of the vehicle. For this purpose, either a VIN query or other methods with context-specific queries can be used.

The results are the original parts incl. price (RRP) and any accessories required (also OE parts) as well as the associated labor values.
The original parts found can then be used to determine the aftermarket articles.



Instant access to our automotive data via API web services for direct integration into applications.

PD Fitment Finder

Determination of the reference of individual spare parts to the corresponding vehicles.

PD Part Sets

We compile the desired spare parts groups for you depending on the area of application.
These groups can be defined according to the purpose of use. e.g.: PD Maintenance Sets for maintenance, PD Repair Sets for frequent wear repairs or completely individual sets based on your requirements.

PD Part Finder

Clear identification of OE and IAM spare parts for a specific vehicle

PD Aftermarket Calculation

Modules for complete calculation of specific repair cases.

  1. PD Maintenance Calculation
    Maintenance calculation according to manufacturer specifications
  2. PD Repair Calculation
    Individual repair calculation (e.g. for wear repairs)
  3. PD Oil Service Calculation
    Oil service calculation according to manufacturer specifications
  4. PD Glass Calculation
    Glass repair calculation (insurance compliant)

PD Part Translator

Clear translation or recoding between OEM and IAM spare parts.

Example: Maintenance calculation with accurate data on spare parts, engine oil and labor values.

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