Vehicle Information

We offer various ways and solutions for determining vehicle information.



Instant delivery of automotive data via API web services for direct integration into applications.

PD VIN Identification

Accurate identification of the vehicle via the chassis number.
Enables precise parts identification.

PD Equipment Information

Module for identifying model-specific equipment

PD Vehicle Standard ID

Access, e.g. via key numbers of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (Federal Motor Transport Authority) (manufacturer and type key numbers: HSN/TSN).
Basic information on engine, dimensions, weight, etc.

PD Doc Scan

Scanning of the vehicle registration document (registration certificate part 1)
with integrated plausibility check.

PD Vehicle Selection

If neither chassis nor key numbers are available, we offer a module for selecting the manufacturer and model.
On this basis, additional information such as construction periods or possible equipment of the respective model series or equipment line can be determined.


Diese Daten werden auf Anfrage zusammengestellt und anschließend als csv/xml-Dateien bereitgestellt.


Vehicle data for chassis numbers

PD Fitment Data

Data on the use of spare parts in vehicles

PD Maintenance Data

Data on the specific work for the vehicle service

PD Vehicle Data

Technical data of vehicles

PD Labor value Data

Data for labor values of vehicle repairs. 
(specific tasks, labor time per task)

PD Vehicle Statistic Data

Data on vehicle stocks in specific countries

PD Analysis Data

Data for demand analysis of spare parts in the IAM

PD Vehicle Equipment Data

Data on the equipment of vehicles

PD Carpix

Data for the photorealistic representation of vehicles

PD Price Data

Data on spare parts prices from OEM and IAM

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