Oil Service

Motor oils, oil filters, labor values and capacities

The ProKat system provides you with a database and a full calculation basis for oil service.

Besides specific motor oil products that are determined on the basis of the previously specified vehicles, you can find out the amount per oil canister or packaging unit, to reach the capacity needed for the vehicle, the labor value for the oil service incl. exchange of the filer as well as the appropriate oil filter via the parts identification.

Determining the motor oil

The motor oils and the additional information relating to that is determined in two steps. In the first step, the vehicle is specified. This is achieved via the VIN enquiry and by answering further enquiries. The result is oil definitions comprising oil specifications or manufacturer approvals and the associated viscosities. Capacities and labor value are also results of this step.

In the second step, the matching oils are determined for the oil definitions and an additional optional limitation of viscosity.

Oil filters

The appropriate oil filter for the vehicle is determined via our standardised route or parts identification.