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We elevate your product offerings to the next level with tailored solutions! Our PD Part-Sets enable you to offer a comprehensive product range, differentiate your offerings, and enhance competitiveness. Whether it's PD Maintenance-Sets for maintenance, PD Repair-Sets for wear repairs, or custom sets according to your specifications - with our sets, your customers will find all the products they need in your inventory. Don't miss the chance to optimize your customers' shopping experience and achieve your business goals with ProDevelop's solutions. Try it now and see for yoursel

Advantages for IAM manufacturers

  • Increase sales: with PD Part-Sets, your dealers significantly increase their sales - a win for the partnership and for you as the manufacturer.
  • Become the preferred provider by meeting the increasing demand for repair, wear, and maintenance sets.
  • Full service: we take care of providing data to your customers in all required formats and desired interfaces, allowing you to fully focus on your core business.

Advantages for ecommerce retailers

  • Expanding your product range made easy: with PD Part-Sets, you effortlessly expand your offering with attractive, sought-after product sets
  • More profit per sale: our sets are sold five times more often than individual parts.
  • Secure competitive advantage: with PD part sets, you position yourself clearly ahead of your competitors.

  • Part set data from top manufacturers for:
  • Brakes
    Brake discs, brake pads, brake wear indicator
  • Tie rods
    Axial joint, tie rod end
  • Shock absorbers
  • Small und large inspection bundles for top 50 vehicles
    Budget- and premium product lines

Top automotive parts manufacturers

ATE, Castrol, Champion, Bosch, Brembo, Febi Bilstein, IGAT, MANN, Meyle, Monroe, NK
Looking for something else?
The brand and product lines are constantly updated. Feel free to ask us for additions.

Perfect for eBay listings, Amazon shopping sites, DAPARTO
+ Online shops with vehicle data

Optimal geeignet für Verkaufsplattformen mit Fahrzeugauswahl

  We supply you with article set data including:

  • vehicle mapping
  • vehicle limitations / criteria
  • part set description with html
  • part properties list with html

All important information at a glance.

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