Our strengths

Over the past decades, ProDevelop GmbH has offered and successfully implemented project-related IT services in almost all industries. Our range of services and competences, which lie outside our automotive data sector (ProKat), are therefore summarised under services.


Inventory Management Systems

Based on our in-house framework PD-Frame®, we can develop effective and highly individualised inventory management systems for you, which are precisely tailored to your needs and to company-specific features, ensuring optimal productivity.

Web Services

By integrating and delivering Web services, we can give you efficient, location-independent and flexible access to your data, increasing productivity and simplifying deployment.

Data Migration

The PD-Frame also serves as a powerful and flexible tool to extract your data from various applications and import it into a new system.


In addition to the one-time data migration, we are also able to implement fast and robust middleware to map the communication between two systems, for example, between the web frontend and the ERP system.


By working with data from various sources and industries over the years, we have acquired great expertise in the field of "visualisation" and data analysis, which can open up completely new insights and solutions for you.


Project management and adoption of management functions

Because of our decades of experience in the successful implementation of our own and external IT projects, we feel very comfortable in the role of project management and can use our expertise to your advantage. We are not only able to plan and implement a project from start to finish, but also to take over the project management in difficult situations and make the project in question a success.

If required, we also provide consulting services to teams and departments with currently up to 100 employees.

Contact Persons

Do you have ideas on how your IT should look like in the future and would you like to discuss them with our experts? We offer you the opportunity to discuss ideas and suggestions with us, to prepare feasibility studies and to work out initial implementation plans.