Analyses for the aftermarket

In the field of manufacturing parts for the aftermarket, with the ProKat system, we can provide you with base data to align your product range, as well as references to an adequate description of your range of products for the spare parts catalogues of TecDoc and DVSE.

Market analysis

Determination of relevant parts

OE parts classification

The existing OE parts of a sector or of a product group can be drawn on as a possible basis for an analysis for creating a range of goods or expanding it. 

On the basis of the ProKat system, we can offer you such an analysis or make it available via an interface in your system.

The basis is formed by the OE parts numbers that are known in your data and which can be allocated to the respective products. These are transferred to the ProKat system and compared with the numbers known for the product group in ProKat.

The result is a list that is divided into the following categories, cf. the figure:

  1. Items with existing OE part reference
    The OE parts numbers that are allocated to your items are also found in the ProKat data and are thus confirmed.
    You are given the respective part designation and, in particular, the OE price.
  2. Items with existing but out-of-date reference
    The OE parts numbers are no longer in the current data.
    Via our OE parts numbers history, also called replacement chain, we were still able to allocate your numbers. Besides the parts designation and OE price, you are given the respective entire replacement chain with, in particular, the current number.
  3. Non-referenced OE parts numbers: Potential for expanding the range
    There is no counterpart in your data for the group of these OE parts numbers from ProKat. These may therefore be particularly new parts, but also parts excluded from the range.
  4. Non-referenced items: Potential for completing data
    A “residual” number of items remains, which have no OE parts reference whatsoever or whose reference could not be found in ProKat.

Vehicle registrations

With the identification of possible parts, the question would need to be answered as to how large the expected market for these parts is.

Part of the ProKat system is thus the vehicle registration data published by the Federal Office for Motor Vehicles.

Via this data, existing data, new registrations as well as their development can be found out.

Via our parts allocation system, the parts can be allocated to the vehicles and thus cumulate potential buyers in Germany.

Spare parts catalogues

Feeding in to TecDoc or DVSE

In the spare parts trade, the catalogue systems of TecDoc and DVSE are quasi standard. Due to the wide distribution and usage as a basis in most vehicle parts shops and marketplaces, you, as a manufacturer, have the opportunity to reach a wide audience.

The description of your products intended for feeding in should be as accurate and complete as possible in content but also satisfy the restrictions and conventions in place in these systems.

The choice of attributes, whose classification as general product properties or as a criterion for limiting vehicles as well as their classification in key words is especially of significance.

On the basis of the ProKat system, we can create an analysis of your products or product groups and advise you in the preparation of data.