Vehicle Registrations

In order to determine market shares or the range of parts offered, the ProKat system contains the official registration figures of the German Federal Office for Motor Vehicles.

Via the key codes (manufacturer and parts code), the total number of vehicles in Germany per year as well as the cumulated new registrations in the same year can be retrieved.  

In addition, you can find out the distribution according to the federal states as well as cars for private and business use or gender or age of the owner. Three age brackets are defined: Up to 29 years of age, 30 to 59 and 60 plus.

For commercial vehicles, there is a subdivision into type of vehicle or use. Differentiations are made in particular into lorries, semi-trailer tractors, tractors or buses.

Each piece of information comprises the number of vehicles in relation to the total number in this category as well as a ranking derived therefrom.

Our data goes back to more than 10 years ago making a development in the numbers and new registrations viewable.