ProDevelop is an official eBay partner

PD Sales Booster – sell successfully on eBay with the right spare parts and vehicle data

So that your eBay listings not only shine but are also found.

With many years of experience as an eBay partner, we know exactly what is required for the successful presentation of your listings.
The basis for this is the correct spare parts and vehicle data. By integrating fitment data, you also ensure
that your listings are displayed specifically for the right spare parts, which also minimises the risk of incorrect orders.

Two important building blocks for more success when selling spare parts

Make sure that your offers are visible for all suitable vehicles
and not only present all relevant product information but also display related items directly together.

PD Part-Sets

PD Part-Sets

We provide set data containing:

  • Vehicle mapping according to requirements
  • Vehicle limitations / criteria
  • Part content list (with HTML)
  • Part properties list (with HTML)

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PD Fitment-Data

PD Fitment Data

In which vehicles does my OE part fit?
What fitment criteria must be considered?
We provide you with the answers to these questions in the form of vehicle application lists with fitment criteria.

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Why is the PD Sales Booster the best choice for you?

  • Professional sales presence: Shine with precise offer descriptions.
  • Greater customer reach: You will be found in more search queries.
  • Visible to „eBay my Garage“ customers
  • Reduction in the return rate: Precise fitment data with criteria in your offers ensure fewer incorrect orders
  • Suitable for all common marketplace platforms
  • Can also be used with ERP systems

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